Pro Droplet Diffuser

$79.99 $89.00

Your natural air freshener.

Combining the smooth water drop design of the Droplet with the functionality of the all-purpose Pro unit, the Pro Drop is here to set a whole new standard in oil diffusion. Hosting our traditional wood grain exterior, the Pro Drop also has a spouted nozzle to direct air flow into a visible, concentrated stream. Run the unit with the LED lights on for a flashy charade of changing colors or completely off for a more subtle mood. Keep the unit running continuously throughout the day or set the duration of the running time for controlled bursts of release of either 1, 3, or 6 hours. Aromatic diffusion has raised the bar for the optimal experience - bring nature back into your living space with the natural aromas of essential oils in style.

What are the benefits of oil diffusion?

    Unit: Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
    Power Outlet: 
    A/C wall outlet
    Tank Capacity: 300 mL
    Size: 168 x 168 x 121 mm
    Weight: 400 grams

    1. Twist and lift off the top cap of the diffuser
    2. Fill the inner tank with water so it fills at just a finger's space from the top
    3. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to set the mood
    4. Place and twist the top cap back on and power the unit up
    5. Sit back and watch the mist flow
    Note: It may take 5-10 minutes for the stream to reach its fullest strength, so be patient!

    (Click here for our instructional video)

    Note: Comes with appropriate A/C wall outlet (US/UK/EU/AU) based on shipping address