Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses


These Amazing Shot Glasses are made of 100% all natural Himalayan Pink Salt, all you need to do is pour your favorite Tequila, drink up, bite on your lime and you’re good to go for another!

These glasses are mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains and we have crafted them enabling you to enjoy quality and affordable Tequila Salt Shot Glasses. Plus our glasses have a secret inside of them, which will not let them leak right away and you can easily get about 20 to 30 shots out of each one of them, of course depending on care and usage.


    • Himalayan Salt Shot Set (2 Pack)
    • Set contains : two shot glasses
    • Shot cups hand carved from Himalayan pink rock salt
    • Gives your tequila shots a subtle salty hit
    • Unique coloring and grain
    • Naturally food safe
    • Not safe for use in dishwasher or with detergents

How to love your salt:

  • Do not leave any liquid in the glass for long periods of time
  • Salt is naturally antibacterial so do not use any detergents
  • To clean, just rinse with water and pat dry with a cloth
  • Never put in the dishwasher
  • Store in a cool dry place