Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Lamp (Limited Quantity)

$79.99 $100.00


A cut above the rest, this exceptional truly unique gray salt lamp comes from a rare vein of the Himalayan mountains. Our Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Lamps are designed to be dark and have just the perfect amount of light for those who want the therapeutic benefits of the negative ions but cannot sleep with a light on. This unique collector's piece makes the perfect gift for any home or office.

Each Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is hand-chiseled to preserve its primordial energy and maximize its therapeutic benefits, it is the perfect addition to your office, small bedroom, massage studio, practice room, or a small living room.
  • Emits negative ions that fight against positively charged particles
  • Helps eliminate allergens, smoke, dander, pollen and other air pollutants
  • Approximate Weight: 6-10 Lbs / Approximate Height: 6- 10 inches
  • Neem Wood Base, Power Cord with Dimmer Switch and 15 watt light bulb Included.