4 Tips for Creating a Serene Room for Your Baby - Part 2

Welcome back to our blog! In our recent post, we began looking at ways to create a peaceful, calming baby’s room that inspires comfort and sleep for your little one. In part one, we suggested the following when decorating your baby’s room:

  • Make use of natural lighting along with dim artificial lighting created by a Himalayan salt lamp.
  • Implement shag rugs or carpeting for additional padding on the floor.
  • Choose calming colors for the walls and decor.
  • Use a Himalayan salt lamp to minimize dust, allergens, and other airborne particles that contribute to respiratory issues, allergies, and colds.

Sounds for Sleep

Singing to your baby is always a great way to calm them as they drift off to dreamland, as your voice is soothing and comforting. You can also place a small stereo in their room and play calming string versions of traditional lullabies. Playing music or sounds of nature can drown out other sounds inside and outside of the home to help them stay asleep.

Clutter Cleanup

While removing clutter from your baby’s room keeps it clear of tripping hazards for you, it can also create a zen environment that is less distracting for your baby so they can get a good night’s sleep. Using cabinets and stylish bins is a great way to hide all the toys and nursery gear that can quickly clutter up a room.


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Room Fan

Some studies have shown that placing a fan in your baby’s room can lower the risk of SIDS. Plus, the soothing sound of the fan can mask noises in the house that may otherwise wake up your baby.

Salt Lamp Nightlights

Softly illuminate your baby’s room with a Himalayan salt lamp, which can be used for safety and security while also creating a tranquil atmosphere. Our Himalayan salt lamps and night lights are hand-carved from 100 percent pure Himalayan pink salt, which emit negative ions that combat positively charged particles, helping to clear the air and naturally dilute and odors. While each salt lamp and night light comes with a bulb, you can change the color of the bulb to give the room a different hue. Plus, we offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including adorable animal-inspired carved salt lamps perfect for children's rooms.  

Order Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Today!

Visit Himalayan Salt Co. today to order a Himalayan salt lamp for your baby’s room to help them stay comforted and calm for a good night’s sleep. Be sure to join us next time for part three of this blog series to learn even more ways to create a serene atmosphere for your baby’s nursery.